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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Model Sheet

Hey guys,

Sorry about the delay of the model sheets, hope they help. I will
continue to do more for the design stuff right now I'm doing the building to
complete that first picture I did with the texture in the bg.


Keep working on drawing the characters during the break guys. Lets not waste this winterbreak.


3rd Year Studio Floor Plan

I took this from the construction worker while they were on breakfast break. It was scanned and returned within 5 min, Cachow!

Personally I think the layout is terrible for group meetings. Imagine having your meeting only to be interrupted by people walking in and out the aisle to get to their desks. not to mention the lack of personal space in comparison to the other studio we had where we could box our tables together. Oh yeah btw, they chained the desks so you can't move them, not even a centimeter.

Oh and tell me if this isn't a electricity hazard: 12 tables connected to each other, and the only supply for power is the outlet at the end of each row. How is one outlet going to have enough power for 12 tables?


Luba Expressions

Luba expressions that I did today.
The character design was done by Ian. I have 9 expressions for Galina too, it is being coloured right now.


The expressions were based off this concept done by Ian

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Final Leica Reel

We did it guys, here is the Leica. We recieved a lot of comments and support, lets get this film done next semester! Many students from 2nd year and 4th year animation course wants to see this film DONE! Lets not disappoint them.

Special thanks to everyone in the group for pulling all nighters to board and tone the shots. Without your supports, we wouldn't have this awesome Leica.

Friday, December 08, 2006

It's obviously been a while since we've updated. This last month and a bit has been fraught with story complications, and loads of work both film related and school related. But our lieca is done! HURAH! The screening is next week sometime... I think it's thursday. So for those of you from Sheridan I invite you to come and check it out. Those that aren't will have to wait till we post it... which should be next week sometime. :P

That's all for now.